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"The carton case is a hit!" Emballage digest

May 1, 2023

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The professional magazine Emballage Digest once again quotes the Autajon Group in its May 2023 Pharmacy file “The carton case is a hit” (No. 678).

“Among all packaging, the folding carton continues to grow in cosmetics and pharma sectors, meeting the environmental aspirations of society and industries.”

This article underlines the importance of the development of folding cartons on the pharmaceutical marketas part of an eco-friendly approach in which the Autajon Group is involved, partly thanks to its “full service” offer.

"The ambition is to offer a comprehensive local and global support service in packaging and labels as close as possible to our customers, in North America, Europe and Asia" the company says.

The Group shares its services and expertise in Labels and Packagingin order to offer its customers cartons with labels.

"This combination can have several applications related to security, traceability, information or promotion, it explains. It also takes the form of folding cartons with an integrated inner tray and a unique coding system to guarantee the authenticity of the packaged product".

These actions meet important market needs, without forgetting features that allow a real improvement of the customer experience, ease of insertion of products and optimal management of the packaging's capacity.

The Autajon Group is also behind many other actions in favour of an eco-friendly approach such as “reducing the weight of cardboard (…) and developing cardboard with a more authentic look”.

Find out more about the pharmaceutical packaging market and the tailor-made solutions we provide, by reading the file here (French content).

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