In this daily struggle that is the continuous quest for zero defects, Autajon has fashioned long-standing quality procedures by setting standards at the highest possible market level.

Customer quality

Our customers are our number one priority, their safeguarding is paramount.

Product quality

Expertise, competence, feasibility, traceability and reliability.

Quality System Management

We listen to our customers and adapt our systems and organizations to their expectations. Proactively, we deploy the appropriate certifications (e.g. 'BRCGS' for the food industry).

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An approach based on risk-management : enables selecting improvement opportunities that will increase customer satisfaction. Whether the improvement is reactive, progressive, organizational or creative, Autajon will choose the type of improvement that will be the most effective for the benefit of its customers.

Hygiene in production and food safety

Whatever the market, we have implemented good practices in accordance with our clients' guidelines.

e.g. Good hygiene and production practices in accordance with pharmaceutical 'GMP'
(Validation through audits of our major Pharma accounts)

Good hygiene practices and food safety in accordance with the requirements of our agri-food customers.

Confronted with a constantly evolving regulatory framework, Autajon, always in search of safety, offers regulatory expertise to its customers.