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« Lindt & Sprüngli USA » – Supply Chain World

December 22, 2017

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Autajon Packaging USA features in "Supply Chain World" magazine for the article dedicated to Lindt & Sprüngli USA.

Autajon Packaging USA is the Premier Business Partner of Lindt & Sprüngli USA. The article highlights the success recipe of Lindt & Sprüngli USA in the chocolate market. One part of the article underlines the importance of packaging in the presentation and success of Lindt's products.

Being in the market, again as a quality product, we have very high expectations of our suppliers,” Abbott says. “Whether it’s the actual ingredients for the chocolate or the packaging, we take it very seriously because the whole presentation represents Lindt.
How its chocolate is represented in the packaging has a great impact on the consumer, Abbott notes. He adds that Lindt & Sprüngli has to deliver a consistent quality product from its packaging’s graphics all the way through to the required ingredients.

Read the online article to find out moreRead the online article to find out more