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Autajon prints wine labels inspired by Game of Thrones

May 20, 2019

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If you follow Game of Thrones (and maybe even if you don't) you know that the series has just ended with one last episode.

It is a perfect opportunity for us to share this tribute with you. We are delighted to have printed these wine labels that celebrate the universe of the Game of Thrones series & books.

The decorations of these labels best reflect the universe and these wines allow to extend the pleasure of the series:

  • "The Imp's Delight" which refers to the iconic character Tyrion Lannister as a wine lover.
  • The "Dornish Wine" which reminds us of the Dornish region, and the emblematic family of the Martells.

The winegrower's research has led to the creation of labels that perfectly match the Game of Thrones universe, proudly printed by the Autajon Group. #WineIsComing