Hygiene & Security

Hygiene in production and food safety

Whatever the market, we have implemented good practices in accordance with our clients' guidelines.

e.g. Good hygiene and production practices in accordance with pharmaceutical 'GMP'
(Validation through audits of our major Pharma accounts)

Good hygiene practices and food safety in accordance with the requirements of our agri-food customers.

Confronted with a constantly evolving regulatory framework, Autajon, always in search of safety, offers regulatory expertise to its customers.

HR Policy

We lend great importance to manners within the company. Our Corporate culture is founded on strong values that advocate Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty for all and at all levels.

Furthermore, we have adopted a 'Code of Ethics' which defines the standards and behaviours to be respected by all employees at work as well as outside of the workplace.

It is the basis of the trust relationship we wish to maintain between everyone and with all our partners.

Read the Code of Ethics (PDF)