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Wilaaw 'Bio c'est Vie' : the winners 2019 are ...

February 26, 2019


Bio c'est Vie [Bio means Life] ... Great Nature ! It was the theme of the 2019 WILAAW edition.

Once again this year, 3 new talents are being rewarded.

During the 2 weeks of the 'tour of France' of the 5 professional juries invited to vote the winners among the 50 finalist projects, the creative passion, the originality and the quality of the projects have been highlighted by the 56 jurors.

Both theme and innovation have animated debates around the projects. And aesthetics was decisive, even if the juries remained very attentive to the originality of some creations. " Bio c'est Vie... "[Bio means Life]became " Bio c'est Beau "[Bio means Beautiful]

Congratulations to all candidates !

The location and date of the awards ceremony of WILAAW 2019 on the theme « Bio c'est Vie » [Bio means Life] will be announced in the coming months.

New this year : you can discover and appreciate the quality of the 3 winning projects, and the 7 other projects of the Top 10 of this 2019 edition on our website Wilaaw ...


1st place : WILAAW Gold

Christophe Brisson for his project « L'ESQUISSE DES SIÈCLES »

See the video of the project.

2nd place : WILAAW Silver

Camille Auguin for her project « Flore - LE VIN FLEURISSANT »

3rd place : WILAAW Bronze

Lila Le Minh for her project « IRAZU »

Rendez-vous on the 1st October, 2019 around a new theme !