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Wilaaw 2019 – “Rhône / Provence / Languedoc” Jury

January 31, 2019

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Third stage of our road trip of professional juries: The “Rhône / Provence / Langedoc” Jury.

In a passionate debate…

The “Rhône / Provence / Languedoc” Jury met in a very Mediterranean atmosphere.

Colorful and strong in conviction, the jurors, very inspired by the theme “Bio means Life”, defended their favourite projects with fervor. In a passionate debate… we even forgot to take a picture of the Jury.

next week it will be time for “Champagne” and “Bourgogne / Beaujolais” juries to give their opinions. Will they reinforce the positions of the leading projects after 3 juries?

Thank you again to the jurors for their participation:

Didier MOURIES ; Nathalie ESPITALIER ; Benjamin BAILL ; Laurent MOURRE ; Karim JERIBI ; Pierre SAYSSET ; Alexandre BOUYER ; Madeleine DELORME ; Anais VINCENT ; Cécile CZORNY ; Vincent ANDRE ; Nuria MORALES.