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Wilaaw 2019 - Champagne Jury

February 5, 2019


4th and penultimate stage: The Champagne Jury, or The Vigneronne elegance!

It is in Épernay that the Jury of the Champagne region hold. Made up mostly of winegrowers, the jury praised the beauty and elegance of the tributes to life and nature.

Without knowing the rankings of the previous Jury, the Champagne jurors confirmed and confirmed the position of the 5 best projects. The final stage in Beaujolais / Burgundy will be crucial to determine the winners ...

Thanks to the jurors for their participation :

Olivier LEGENDRE - Eva CHEMIN - Hélène BROCHET - Julie DUFOUR - Sophie GOUNEL - Arnaud GOUNEL - Amélie GRATIOT - Mathile VIARRET - Isabelle BOATAS