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Wilaaw 2019 - "Bordeaux / Southwest France" Jury

January 30, 2019

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Second day and stage of our itinerary: The "Bordeaux / SouthWest France" Jury.

"Bio means Beautiful"

It is now the turn of professionals from the Bordeaux/Southwest region of France to meet to decide on the 50 finalist projects. Very quickly, aesthetics became the driving force behind the decision and even if the jurors remained very attentive to the originality of certain projects, they completed the theme of Wilaaw 2019 "Bio means life " by Bio means Beautiful.

Thank you to the jurors for their participation:

Célia MOLINIER ; Céline LANNOYE ; Sylvaine BRACONNIER ; Philippe BOUVET ; Thibaut BARDET ; Coraline MILAZZO ; Céline AUGEREAU ; Caroline TRIAUD ; Virginie OHRENSSTEIN ; Paul Auguste SAURUE