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Wilaaw 2019 - Beaujolais / Bourgogne Jury

February 7, 2019


Last stage with the Beaujolais - Bourgogne Jury ... the decisive vote !

The jurors came in large numbers to Beaune to express their vision of "Bio c'est vie". The Expression of their feelings will have marked this 3rd edition of WILAAW.

The games were not made and the vote of the Beaujolais-Burgundy Jury came to upset the final ranking, which seemed well established before this final stage.

Find the announcement of the official results in a few days ...

and see you from next October 1st to discover the theme of the WILAAW 2020 edition.

Thanks to the jurors for their participation:

Vincent BRIOTTET - Anne-Cécile CHARREYRON - Emmanuel GARDIEN - Hélène PUISSANT - Laurence BOULMONT - Guillaume STRIFFLING -

Maud LE GAC DE LANSALUT - Claire SICARD - Françoise JEANNIARD - Nicolas LE MALET - Gaëlle SAUNIER - Belinda BELIN - Berty ROBERT