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Wilaaw 2018, Jury in Champagne

February 15, 2018

Wine & SpiritsCompetitionÉpernay

Vintage Chic ! Let's continue with the 2nd Jury...

The edition of Wilaaw 2018 continues its 'tour de France' with professional jurys in the Champagne region.

Textures, volumes, typo … The Champagne jury makes its choice. A studious and happy morning in a festive state of mind … not surprising..., it is the tour of the professionals of the region Champagne to make their selection !

Thanks to : Cyril BONETTI, Maite BRUGNON, Valeria MAKAROVA, Francis PICART, Virginie COSSY, Guillaume QUATRESOLS, Olivier HERBERT, Catherine MAZET, Stéphanie COURZADET, Alexandra GARRIDO, Brigitte CHARPENTIER, Amélie BERTHELOT, James RICHARD- FLINIAUX, Damien CHERE.