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"Cosmetic Labels: slow changes" Emballage Digest

January 12, 2022

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Once again, the Autajon Group is quoted by the professional magazine Emballage Digest in its article dedicated to the "Perfumes & cosmetics" in November 2021 (n°663). It sets out the challenges related to the ecological transition in packaging, especially the eco-designed labels production.

Labels are a key part of product design. Nowadays, environmental issues are pushing suppliers to embrace responsible production methods. Through numerous investigations, the Autajon Group offers several options to reduce its impact on the environment, and above all to meet the growing needs of its customers.

« Labeling machines and printing techniques must be adapted to each material. We are always developing the most energy-efficient processes, especially in terms of waste […]», explains Gilles Poncato, Autajon Group's Sales Director.

Although recycled materials are increasingly used, Autajon also chooses to provide more solutions to expand its range of eco-designed labels, including bio-based materials.

« They are made from vegetable matter such as bionaphtha, sugar cane bagasse or various plant stems... it is an alternative to synthetic materials », assure Gilles Poncato.

The label is now taking a decisive place in order to limit over-packaging and must sometimes ensure on new features of communication, information or security. Suppliers must work on its size in order to integrate the entire components of the label.

«This requires a larger label, or applying a multi-page label (book label, duoprint etc.) […] For example, we have designed labels with several sections, each one linked to a part of the packaging», says Gilles Poncato. A perfect way to group products.

Find out more on our eco-designed labels production by reading the article here. (French content)

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