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Autajon contributes to the common good

March 30, 2020

Autajon Group


All Autajon factories remain open and functional, in France, in Europe, in the USA, in China.

Supporting each other, they are fully engaged in the urgent battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, and are continuing to produce, with all their might, the labels and cardboard packagings that are so necessary for the identification and the safeguarding of medecines, hydro-alcoholic gels, or nutritious products.

Everywhere the continuity of the supply chains remains assured at the service of all their customers, according to the priorities that they indicate to them (subject, however, to the availability of transport and raw materials).

Protected by the barrier measures adopted on the sites, the Autajon teams are rallying to show that it is possible to preserve both people’s health and support for the local economy.