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2 Awards for Autajon Packaging Durero with Match Tonic Water

October 19, 2022

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Our Spanish site Autajon Packaging Durero won the 2022 European Carton Excellence Award in the Pro Carton contest for the MATCH Tonic Water 4-pack in the Food & Drink packaging category. It was also chosen as the “Jury’s Favorite” during the Prix Formes de Luxe!

This packaging for the new brand of drinks MATCH was created by Series Nemo for Curius, designed and made by Autajon Packaging Durero. A collaboration of specialists that allows a distinction by the design: a bottle with a square shape, a recycled and colorful glass, a nice & homogeneous look for the folding carton.

Designed to hold four bottles, this packaging is made for e-commerce. It offers an optimal support while featuring an attractive and minimalist graphic design. This folding carton looks like the bottles: square with rounded edges. Separating the bottle gives extra protection and makes the carton easier to use. The potential impacts related to transport are minimized and limited by the design.

Both of juries vote confirms that the technical challenge has been taking up with flying colors: to create a recyclable folding carton with a clean and elegant final design, featuring a set of mechanisms, serving both aesthetic and ergonomic functions.

Autajon Packaging Durero features a packaging with a very striking look, practical and eco-designed. Congratulations to the teams in charge of the project for their creativity and ingenuity!