Sustainable partnerships to promote the wine industry in France


Wine & Spirits

Partnership with The Independent Winegrowers of France

Autajon Wine & Spirits Labels has chosen to be a nationwide partner within the different regions and lands (‘terroirs') in order to have a better understanding of the Independent Winegrowers' needs and to accompany them in their conquering of new markets.

Partnership with The Independent Winegrowers of France

Autajon's teams are working, closely, together with both regional and departmental federations.

We have, accordingly, been able to launch strong practical actions in each region, such as :

Packaging Revamp

Several thousands of Winegrowers benefiting from ‘packaging revamp' operations.

Marketing Audits

Personalized Marketing audits, by appointment, with our project managers.


Interventions within the federations on various topics such as : “The role and the mission of export packaging” or “The strengths and weaknesses of luxury goods”.

Marketing Audits

An innovative procedure offering even greater service and proximity to our customers. Already, more than 200 wine-producing companies have wished to ask our experts for an analysis of their market positioning, of the consistency in their product prioritization as well as their adjustment to their target markets.

These individual audits, mainly focused on value creation, are welcomed by the winegrowers who unanimously acknowledge this new way of working together.

Creative design

Creation is, at the same time, one of the spearheads of Autajon Labels' expertise, and one of its main vectors of innovation.

Composed of integrated designers and reinforced by the best "free lance" actors of the market, the creative team is responsible for more than 3 000 projects and innovations that are proposed to our customers and prospects during the year.

Our knowledge of the markets combined with the talent of our graphic designers gives these projects the originality and efficiency expected by the winegrowers.

Educational sector

The French skills of “knowing how to produce excellence” must imperatively be combined with a new dimension of “knowing how to sell efficiently”. This really must become an important part of training for future winegrowers.

Wine industry

As a leading actor on our market and as a partner of the wine industry, we, actively, visit and participate in High schools and in Universities that are oriented towards the wine industry or the commercialization of wines.

 High schools and universities

Such is the case with the High schools in Amboise and Avize, the ‘IUT' in Tours, the ‘Université du Vin' in Suze-la-Rousse and the ‘Inseec' of Bordeaux. This Autajon's approach is being extended to numerous establishments and institutions in order to cover all the wine regions of France.