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AL Strasbourg

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67000 Strasbourg - FR

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01Cosmetics dedicatedProduction Sites

Within the Labels Division, two centers of expertise specialized in the cosmetic and perfumery industry in France : Autajon Labels Clermont-Ferrand and Autajon Labels Strasbourg

From a marketing brief, our Sales and Engineering teams suggest you the best materials and printing techniques to bring your creative labels to life.

As your brand image is built from your product quality, our team carries out rigorous controls all along the print cycle of your label ensuring compliance with cosmetic & perfumery specifications :

1. Appearance controls

  • visual, dimensions, colors …

2. Functional controls

  • resistance to solar box, bulk, adhesive tape ...
  • barcode, datamatrix ...


Wood, Textile, Velvet, Leather, Aluminum, Soft-touch varnish…

Embossing, Debossing, Hot stamping, Metallic doming, Swelling varnish, Doming…

Multi-layer and roll-on labels, NFC, QR code, RFID, Tamper evidence label…

Glitter varnish, Holographic and 3D lens film, No label look, Variable data printing….

03Fragrance &Make up

04Skin& Body Care


06Our Services

Environmental Commitments

• Ethical purchasing policy

• Carbon footprint assessment

• Material recycling Management

• Cost awareness, waste reduction

• Greenhouse gas emission control

• Energy-conscious consumption

Our specials

• Production and storage capacity

• Logistical expertise

• Time-to-market solutions

• Coding solutions

• Technical know-how, R&D unit


ISO 9001 - FSC - Imprim'Vert